My Top Baby Buys 2019

Being pregnant is SO overwhelming. What do we need, what don’t we need? What will my baby like? It can be a minefield!
I’ve been chatting to recent clients, and have put together a list of items that come highly recommended!

1. Cybex Z Cloud Car Seat

A lot of my new parents have been bringing their brand new bundles in this car seat. Its the Cybex Z Cloud i-size.

The child seat not only has Side-impact Protection (L.S.P.) System, which increases your child’s safety in a side-impact collision. The Cloud Z i-Size can be changed to a lie-flat position outside of the car which is just a life saver, literally. Leaving your child in an upright car seat is not safe for long periods of time (2 hour maximum), which means having to wake them when they fall asleep on the way home (Which my little girl did, basically every car journey!).
To make it easier to get your child in and out of the car, the seat can be swivelled to the door side of the car! GENIUS.

Here’s a photo:

2. Baby Monitor Holder.

I cannot count the times I would grab books, boxes, ANYTHING to make the baby monitor stand in the PERFECT position, so i could see my babies face and relax knowing she is OK and i can see her! This baby monitor holder is universal, so works with any baby monitor, and bends and stays to the absolute perfect angle to watch your perfect angel 😉 It simply clips to the side of the cot/moses basket/crib or anything. VOILA. A must have, in my opinion!

It’s £16.95 and you can get it here

newborn photographer photography poole bournemouth dorset blandford baby photoshoot Bethany Rees

3. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine (if bottle feeding!)

This machine saved my life. It makes bottle feeding SO much easier and quicker. In the middle of the night when your baby is crying for milk the last thing you want to be doing is spending 20 minutes trying to calm her down while the bottle cools. The perfect prep machine makes the bottle to the perfect, recommended temperature in 2 minutes. That’s it, ready to go. Feed your baby, and back to bed! Amazing. It now comes in a day/night version too, which is alot quieter than the previous and has a useful nightlight so you don’t have to wake baby up turning all the lights on! You can buy it here

newborn photographer photography poole bournemouth dorset blandford baby photoshoot Bethany Rees

4. Baby Bjorn Bouncer

If you’ve ever met my mum, she will 100% tell you about the time i spent £300 on a baby bouncer (that she had advised against), and my baby HATED it. Smug mum, 5 years on – she’s still smug.

I’ve had lots of people recommend this baby bouncer to me. It may be quite pricey for basically a little bit of fabric, but babies seem to love it! When they kick their legs it bobs and bounces, amusing a little one perfectly. It’s lightweight, with no plugs or batteries, which means carrying it around the house is so easy, whether your doing washing up, cleaning, showering, or just want some entertainment whilst you drink some much deserved coffee. You can simply carry it from room to room. You can buy them in lots of different colours, click here.

5. Ergo Pouch Swaddle Sleeping Bag

I had to put these on the list! Most babies love to be swaddled and warm. These sleeping bags come with poppers on the sleeve holes, so you can swaddle them easily! And obviously if your baby doesn’t like to be swaddled you just unpop the poppers and let their arms free. The zip on the sleeping bag is also multi way, meaning you can zip up from the bottom and you don’t have to get them out when you change them during the night. They come in different tog levels, from 0.2 tog to 2.5 tog. You can take a look here.

Those are my top 5 finds, but some other, generic things you may need on your list are:

Changing Bag
Baby Monitor
Crib/Cot/Moses Basket
Muslin Cloths
Water wipes

If anybody has any other recommendations, please leave them in the comments! I’d love to hear them, and i’m sure it would help other new parents out a lot too!

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I've had lots of messages asking 'When are you going to be back?!' and the answer is I just don't know at the moment! I'm so excited and eager to get back to it, but safety has to be the priority for you and your little one's. Once it is safe for us to go ahead I will be contacting a group of people to have first refusal of booking a session. If you'd like to be included in the email, simply pop your contact details below and I will be in touch once i open my books!

For now, Take care and keep safe!!
Beth x x

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