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Simple, white, natural newborn photography – Poole, Dorset


Whether it’s a newborn photoshoot, baby photography, family photography or cake smash photo’s, I just LOVE white.

White backgrounds, white fabrics, white headbands, white vests. Pretty much most of my studio is white.

Why white??

I thought i’d tell you why.

– It won’t go out of fashion. Yes flowery baskets, bright colours and props are cute, but when you look back after all the years, you won’t cringe at a white background or white walls.

– It doesn’t distract from your baby, I’m not sure about you but when i look at photo’s of my baby, she’s all i’m interested in. I love the focus all on her and nothing else.

– It suits all skin tones.

– It has a pure, clean and natural feel (perfect for babies)

– It will look lovely hung up in your home, whatever decor that you have.

White represents your baby so well, it’s clean, its bright. It allows you to remember your baby exactly how they are, not for what props they are put into.

and, that’s my why.