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When is the best time to get a photoshoot?

What is the best age for a photoshoot?

I find myself always being asked when the best time for a photoshoot is, and I always say the same. That first year of a baby’s life flashes by in a blink, so documenting it to remember forever is something you’ll thank yourself for later in life when your baby is not so baby ish anymore!

During the first year, there are 3 main milestones to capture your baby and these are summerised below:


Capturing your baby at it’s youngest, smallest, sleepiest stage is priceless. These sessions take place within the first 14 days… they will never be that little ever again, and looking back at the pictures, even only weeks later, you’ll love to remember how tiny and new they were.


4-9 months is my favourite age to photograph, your baby is seeing the world and learning new things daily. You can see the amazement in their eyes and it glows through their skin. The wonder and love they have for everything is something really special to capture, and their personalities shine through in the images.

1st Birthday Session:

Whether you celebrate with a messy cake smash, or just a timeless 1st birthday photo session, it’s such a HUGE milestone to celebrate their first ever birthday. We have so much fun, singing their favourite songs, dancing, eating, splashing, clapping.

Once you are out of that oh so special first year, annual photoshoots are usually the most popular option. Meaning you will have photos to treasure and look back on for years to come, (Who’s going to bring out the family albums on their 18th birthdays, or when they bring their first partner home to meet you!?)

I’d love to take this journey with you, capturing your family milestones as they go. And creating a timeless capsule of memorys to cherish forever.