Have you ever wondered how I go about my newborn photography sessions?
How do I settle, position and pose baby so the light falls perfectly on their face?

How do I pose baby with mum and dad to capture those all new, precious connections?

Well, I have created a 'fly on the wall' episode especially for you! You will have full access to watch me, from the comfort of your own home. And the beauty of being able to watch over and over again whenever you feel necessary!

In this video I will be talking you through my workflow (The order of photo's I take for every single newborn session), settling techniques, wrapping techniques, how I prepare parents, ideal room temperature, camera settings etc etc. Basically everything I've spent the last 6 years learning!


You then have the option to purchase the optional addition of my 'Editing 101'. Here I will walk you through my culling process, how I present the images to my clients to choose and most importantly my step by step editing workflow.


Please note to get full use of these videos, a basic understanding of your camera is essential and for the editing 101 a basic understanding of photoshop is helpful.



Dorset Baby Photographer: How Do We Schedule An Exact Date for A Newborn Photography Session?


The number one question I get asked when my clients first enquire is, “How do we plan an exact newborn photography session date when we don’t know exactly when baby will arrive?” I am so used to babies arriving early and late, they can be rather unpredictable! I try to be as flexible as I can for my pre-booked clients and the way I do this is by booking the newborn in for the approximate month they are due in. I only book 12 newborns per month to give me enough wiggle room if baby arrives early or two weeks late. Then once you are pre-booked in, I ask that you contact me within 48 hours of giving birth and then we schedule an exact date in. I know many worry about not being well enough or having time to contact me within 48 hours of giving birth (after all, it’s a huge deal) but I find most of my clients have so much adrenaline and are so excited that they message me right away! Depending how baby and mum are feeling we then book in an exact date that works for everyone!

First Time Parents: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Newborns!


1.) They get super flakey and spotty skin- New parents are often shocked when their fresh new baby starts peeling like a little lizard and often go to the doctors to get it checked out. As a new parent, everything is understandably very scary! In the womb, your baby is covered in a layer of skin called “vernix” and this is to protect them from amniotic fluid. In the first few weeks, the layer of skin under the vernix starts to flake and peel off and this is completely normal! This goes away on it’s own so don’t worry!

2.) They smile and roll their eyes but it’s just wind!- I often get clients asking me if it is normal for a newborn to roll their eyes to the back of their head or make little short breathes while doing so, it is completely normal as it is just wind! A windy baby will also give you lots of smiles as it is completely a reflex from the wind. It might be just wind but it is so so adorable!

3.) They can only see 8-12 inches from them and they see in b&w!- Newborns can only see light and motion in those first few weeks. It’s not until they are 4 months old that they start seeing colour and can make out objects. At a few weeks, your newborn will start to recognise your face when it is close to theirs!

4.) They love noise- Being in the womb for 9 months is very noisy, a foetus can hear mum’s heart beat and a constant whooshing sound as the world goes on around them. In the early stages newborns can sleep through anything as they are used to noise in the womb. So having white noise on can be very helpful to keep baby asleep and so they don’t startle. Being quiet all the time can actually go against you as you will have to always be quiet when baby is sleeping until they are older!

5.) They love to be swaddled- Imagine coming out of the womb and having been a tight space for 9 months, where your limbs are close to you at all times and you are curled up tight. Then imagine coming out of the womb into this bright world and being able to stretch out, at first this feels very scary to newborns and stretching their arms out can actually wake them up! Having a swaddle blanket on helps them feel secure in those early days and helps lull them off to sleep.

Why it’s Best to Book Your Newborn Session Early

blandford dorset dorchester poole baby newborn photographerIt is very important to book your newborn session while still pregnant. For those that have only come across newborn photography after baby is already here, they will realise it can be tricky to find a professional newborn photographer that has space within the ideal 2 week period of baby first arriving!

Why are newborn photographers so booked up when baby is already here? We ask that clients pre-book their due date with us after their 12 or 20 week scan, this way we can be prepared for your newborn’s arrival and save them a spot during your due date month. It works better to pre-book because the ideal window to photograph baby is under 2 weeks old. If you wait to book until baby is here time goes by quickly and before you know it they are one month old and it’s too late to get the new, sleepy images that you love!

It is best to photograph baby under 2 weeks old as they are much sleepier and womb-like which results in an easy session for baby as they are much easier to pose as this stage. This results in the best possible images! Also, your baby is going to change SO quickly and getting photo’s of them at their smallest, purest time is so lovely to look back, even just a few weeks later! You may feel like you’ve been pregnant forever, but as soon as your baby arrives, time will fly – i promise!

As a result of pre-booking clients, we are often very booked up in advance so it is best to secure as spot as soon as you can, before baby is here! This way we can prebook you in and have a spot secured for you when baby arrives! It is just one less thing to take care of when baby is here and you can focus on getting to know baby instead of frantically searching for an available newborn photographer when baby is a week old already.

To book your newborn session please contact me at info@bethanyrees1.co.uk

Simple, white, natural newborn photography – Poole, Dorset


Whether it’s a newborn photoshoot, baby photography, family photography or cake smash photo’s, I just LOVE white.

White backgrounds, white fabrics, white headbands, white vests. Pretty much most of my studio is white.

Why white??

I thought i’d tell you why.

– It won’t go out of fashion. Yes flowery baskets, bright colours and props are cute, but when you look back after all the years, you won’t cringe at a white background or white walls.

– It doesn’t distract from your baby, I’m not sure about you but when i look at photo’s of my baby, she’s all i’m interested in. I love the focus all on her and nothing else.

– It suits all skin tones.

– It has a pure, clean and natural feel (perfect for babies)

– It will look lovely hung up in your home, whatever decor that you have.

White represents your baby so well, it’s clean, its bright. It allows you to remember your baby exactly how they are, not for what props they are put into.

and, that’s my why.

What to expect from your Newborn Photoshoot


So, your beautiful baby is here and you want to capture those precious first weeks. Before you know it, little one will be crawling, walking and talking. So your newborn images will be yours to treasure and look back on forever!

You’ve done your research and booked your newborn photography session, but i suspect you are probably wondering what happens at these types of sessions. So i have put together an information pack, and FAQ’s to hopefully answer any questions you may have about a newborn photography session with me.

First of all, let me reassure you that your baby is in VERY safe hands. I have completed specialist training in newborn photography and how to safely pose newborns. I also worked in Poole Maternity Unit for 1 year, so babies and how they move, are very familiar to me.

Finally, I am also a mum myself, so i completely understand how alien it can feel to hand your baby over to someone that you’ve just met. I want you and your family to feel as comfortable as possible, and you are only a foot away from me whilst i handle and pose your baby! Please contact me if you have any queries, i’d love to put your mind at ease.

1. How do i prepare baby for the session?

On the morning of the session, it’s preferable to keep baby awake for as long as possible leading up to the session. A warm bath and lots of play are always a good idea; let him or her kick in their nappy for a while. If at all possible, delaying the feed until you get to me really helps get baby sleepy for the session. We will get your baby undressed before the session starts, which usually wakes them up, so giving them a feed at this point really helps them get back to sleep. Once baby is in a nice, deep sleep, i will begin posing baby and creating your beautiful images.

2. What do i need for the session?

If there is a special toy or item that you’d like to be included in the session, please do let me know. The final images are yours to enjoy and i’d like to make them personal to you and your family. You will need to bring plenty of milk for your baby (if bottlefeeding) – the fuller the baby’s tummy, the sleepier they tend to be! If your baby takes a dummy, i’d advise bringing one with you as this sometimes helps baby settle a little quicker. Feel free to bring refreshments for yourselves, snacks and drinks are always a great idea, I do also have a coffee machine available in my studio you are welcome to help yourself to!

3. How long does the newborn photoshoot usually take?

A session can take any time between 2-3 hours. I am completely guided by baby. If baby needs a feed, settle, burping etc we will stop and cater to their needs and make sure he/she is completely comfortable throughout the entire session. Most of my sessions take 2 hours, but i only schedule one newborn per day, so i am in no rush at all. It takes as long as it takes to ensure i have captured the beautiful images that you will love. Also, you are welcome to bring things to do whilst you are watching, i have WiFi you are able to connect to if you wish to do so. Or you can sit back, relax and watch your little bundle on their first photoshoot!

4. What should I wear?

I generally advise wearing white/light colours during the session. You are welcome to bring something to change into at the time of your photo’s so you can avoid getting baby sick on! Please stay away from large logo’s, they distract from your beautiful baby! Also, if dad feels comfortable enough, skin-on-skin images are always amazing!

5. What happens next?

After your session, I will usually post a ‘sneak peak’ onto my facebook page. If you wish to opt out of this, please do let me know! Galleries are usually ready within 2 weeks. I will then send your gallery to select your final images from. Packages need to be chosen and payment will need to be made on the day the session. You can pay in cash on the day or bank transfer. If you choose to bank transfer please let me know so i can send the payment details across before the day of the session.

Any other questions?

If there is anything else you would like to know, please do get in contact, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

I look forward to seeing you soon!!
Beth xxx

When is the best time to get a photoshoot?

What is the best age for a photoshoot?

I find myself always being asked when the best time for a photoshoot is, and I always say the same. That first year of a baby’s life flashes by in a blink, so documenting it to remember forever is something you’ll thank yourself for later in life when your baby is not so baby ish anymore!

During the first year, there are 3 main milestones to capture your baby and these are summerised below:


Capturing your baby at it’s youngest, smallest, sleepiest stage is priceless. These sessions take place within the first 14 days… they will never be that little ever again, and looking back at the pictures, even only weeks later, you’ll love to remember how tiny and new they were.


4-9 months is my favourite age to photograph, your baby is seeing the world and learning new things daily. You can see the amazement in their eyes and it glows through their skin. The wonder and love they have for everything is something really special to capture, and their personalities shine through in the images.

1st Birthday Session:

Whether you celebrate with a messy cake smash, or just a timeless 1st birthday photo session, it’s such a HUGE milestone to celebrate their first ever birthday. We have so much fun, singing their favourite songs, dancing, eating, splashing, clapping.

Once you are out of that oh so special first year, annual photoshoots are usually the most popular option. Meaning you will have photos to treasure and look back on for years to come, (Who’s going to bring out the family albums on their 18th birthdays, or when they bring their first partner home to meet you!?)

I’d love to take this journey with you, capturing your family milestones as they go. And creating a timeless capsule of memorys to cherish forever.



So, Here we go!…

websitemeSo, here we go!

Photography has always been a passion of mine, but it wasn’t until the birth of my little girl that I began exploring my love for it. For that first year after having Ella-Grace, I became obsessed with capturing every milestone and every special moment. Each time, practising my skills in lighting, poses, settings and styles. Once I’d gained confidence and experience, I started practicing on friends and family. After this, people were starting to seek me out to take photos of their little ones, and that has led to me to where I am now.

I’ve developed a simple, natural and pure style that I genuinely adore. Babies are so pure and perfect, I find that keeping a neutral palette, simple props and natural poses and keeping the focus on the baby creates timeless photo’s that you’ll adore forever.

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still

As a mum, i know how quickly time flies, and how quickly our little babies grow. Lets pause time for just a second, capturing every first smile, every tiny toe,  the chubby legs, the rolled up wrists, the ginormous glistening eyes. Every Single Piece. Let’s remember these precious little moments forever.

So… here we go, I don’t know where the coming years will take me on my journey with photography, but I’m so excited.




Dorset UK.